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Duett 445

This modified Duett 445 is owned by Roger Davis Annawan IL 61234. For further info click on the below link:

Bill Dampier, Arva, Ontario. Manufactured January 16, 1964. Delivered to USA February 15, 1964. All original Purchased in California 2006 partially restored. Driven back to Canada partially restored. Ongoing restoration.
1800 ES

Ken Parkhurst hot rodder take on the '73 ES. Bought the '73 back in 2003 from. It had already been hopped up with a cam & twin Webers, plus IPD springs, sway bars, Bilstein shocks and had a limited slip rear end. I jettisoned the engine & trans, substituted a Vintage Performance Developments (John Parker) supercharged engine plus progressive front springs. Had an AW71 automatic trans from an '86 740T "massaged" and installed. Ken has also redesigns for the front & rear of the body, dash & interior upholstery. An old friend, Kenton Lotz, did all body, assembly & paint. Albert Lara did the upholstery. Tom Colby a fine mechanic and former racer his shop is "Speedwell Engineering" has got the complex wiring and machinery ( the engine, etc. is managed by a system called "Electromotive") working great.

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