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1966 122

Unrestored but modified 1966 122. Original paint and interior with burl wood veneer interior and Nardi steering wheel. Lowered 2" with rear sway bar and aftermarket 7" wheels. Second owner for over 30 years! Gregg Bambo Located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

There was initially one car imported in 1961 for road testing and appraisal then later in 1961 12 cars were imported into Victoria through Regent Motors, there may have been a few others brought in through a dealer in New South Wales. I am aware of only 3 of the 12 still in existence of the Victorian cars. The first 122s b16 is owned by a couple about 2hrs away from home. There is only a handful left all are in RHD. Fortunately the person I am purchasing it from has already supplied 3 spare motors, a new gearbox, two sets of grilles and a number of other new/ secondhand engine parts & bits a pieces. He has gathered these parts from the other cars that have since been disposed of. The new parts had probably come from dealers.

The two tone car is the one I am purchasing ( Initially arriving as a black car as were a few of them but wouldn’t sell so the lower part of the car was repainted) and the magazine shows the first 122 to arrive in Australia. Only one car was ever sold as all black. This car still exists and is owned by a friend of mine. Owner is Philip Perkins in Australia


Philip Rutherford Armstrong BC. PV 544 B16 engine completely restored.

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