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Doug Morgans 1800

"Doug Morgans 1800": 1969 B-20 block, bored .030 Nitride and fully balance crankshaft, 1.5 grams, flywheel, clutch, pulley assy. Atlanta Crank J&E forged custom pistons TS1 gapless ring set by Total Seal. Carrillo rods proofed stretch to .006 inch, 3/8 inch carr (bolts) SP head with 44MM IN. 38MM EX. New head to arrive in Feb. 05 from KG Trimming stage 3! 46MM IN. 38.5MM EXCam 268 street ARP pressure plate bolts, 180k psi ARP head studs, 180k psi ARP flywheel bolts, 180k psi Brighton L-9 main bolts, 180k psi Melling oil pump, cast iron Cleveite bearings Cleveite racing lifters, solid Isky chrome molly push rods Crane optical ignition Twin Weber 45 DCOE TWM intakes Racing header Remote oil filter FL1A. with cooler 6.0 QT capacity, 9/16 inch aero oil lines,fittings 12 inch electric fan Spec clutch assy. GM alternator 63 amp Optima gel cell battery Volvo M-41, Torrington "roller" transmission Leycock "J" type overdrive unit Dana 30 rear end, 456/1 Bilistine HD shocks Progressive lowered springs byTUV- Pfalz, Sweden Grade 8 bolt up-grade chassis complete Volvo B-30 6 cyl. engine, transmission mounts Carter electric rotary fuel pump Massive perma-cool fuel filter with water trap Holley low pressure fuel regulator Fuel cell with aviation foam filled ZF steering box Goodyear Eagle p205/65 Panasport wheels 15x6.5 inch,5 lug.

Steve & Tarona Stanfield’s 1964 PV544
Here is Steve & Tarona Stanfield’s 1964 PV544. It has received serious restoration work, been rebuilt from the ground up, over several years. Upgrades include a new B20 Volvo engine and automatic transmission from a 1975 model, new upholstery throughout and body and paint work. The B20 fuel injected engine is fitted with SUH6 carburetors. Paint is Red Garnet Metallic. Upholstery is black vinyl with red cloth inserts. Steve have had some fun with non working gauges however diligent work has solved that problem. The original headlights were replaced with Xenon Gas bulbs to give excellent night vision, especially with the addition of driving lights Steves last comment “many more small jobs await, but that’s one of the reasons we drive old cars…the joy of working on them” I could not agree more. Working on the cars is sometimes more fun than driving them.You can see (and download) more pictures of my car at

Ian Hill's vintage 544 race car. Ian is really jumping into racing w/ both feet now...! He passed the first SCCA racing school session in October. He needs to pass another one in March to get his rookie license. This is originally a 61 B16 now with a B20 still original B16 radiator, spec-built as a racer by Dick Reynolds in Grand Rapids, MI (a guy who's been racing his own 544 since the '60s...used to race Trans Am against Mark Donahue!). The B20 is over-bored; ported and polished head; 122 front discs, Ford 9" axles and drums on the back; custom one-piece drive shaft; Muncie trans, w/ short throw; dual Webers; header and straight pipe; Panasport wheels; full custom welded-in roll cage; Phoenix fire system plumbed in; IPD sway bar in front; Carrera shocks all around; Mustang springs, cut, all around.... Hmmm....that's all I can think of right now. Oh, except that the body had over 350 louvres cut into it! Not really functional, but look really cool! :)
Bob Greenberg's 1957 444,
Bob Greenberg's 1957 444, "Sven" was bought used in 1962, has rolled more than 900,000 miles. Sven received a B18 motor and a 4 speed gearbox otherwise he is original. Sven resides in Catskill Mountains on Mount Minnewaska.
David Certain's 1972 Volvo 1800ES
David Certain's 1972 Volvo 1800ES. His dream car. He wanted one since he first saw one in 1975. David is a jazz bassist, and there is enough room for the acoustic bass, amplifier, luggage and a passenger. It is a rust-free California car with 204,000 miles. David is the third owner and he has all the maintenance records. The car needed very little work.
Marc Richter's restored PV 544 1960 B16
Marc Richter's Lake Worth FL expertly restored PV 544 1960 B16. Beautiful all original black 544.

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