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Ingvar Svard of Coldstream, BC, Canada - PV 544 B18

Ingvar Svard of Coldstream, BC, Canada PV 544 B18 with one of his own manufactured tear drop trailers. Great set up for camping. Contact Ingvar at if you would like to purchase a trailer. Ingvar is also owner of a low mileage original 1958 Volvo Military "SUGGA". See picture on his web page.
Gregg's 1958 PV 445 Duett (Helga)
Gregg's newly acquired 1958 PV 445 Duett (Helga). Great condition, considering it is an almost 50 year old car. Drives nicely with a B20 engine and O/D. Converted to 12V. ]
One immaculate 1963 PV 544
One immaculate 1963 PV 544 restored and owned by the Kooiman family in Lynden, WA
1962 544

Tom Mason's, Oregon City great looking 1962 544. Has 155,000 miles, spent a lot of its life in New Mexico, it is completely rust free. B18, 12 volt car, pretty much all original except paint and redone interior. Car runs great, will be used for a daily driver.
1973 ES
Dick Sampson 1973 ES Serial Number 4248. Purchased by me in Framingham, MA in October 1991. Restored bumper to bumper by Dick and Jeannie Sampson.
A nice 544
A nice 544 owned by Bob Love of Hartford City, Indiana. A B18 with dual SU's and a M40 4spd and 4.11:1 rear end.

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