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1960 544
Sean Corvino Shelton, CT 1960 544 rescued from rotting in the driveway. My dad drove it in the seventies. It took me 10 years to get it back on the road. Drive it every summer around CT. Stock B16 and runs good.
PV 544 1959
Andrew Snyder's PV 544 '59 was in a barn for about 30 years. It has the original code 42 off-white paint. The previous owner put some carpet in, and recovered the seats in brown vinyl, otherwise all original except for wheels and tires, rear VW bumper.
1963 544 Sport Volvo

This is Paul Poulit's, Redding CA, 1963 544 Sport Volvo, after a three year restoration. The car was a driver when I got it and very stock. She was tired looking and needed a fresh look. I am very pleased with the final condition of the car which was stripped to bare metal and repainted. Newer parts include all rubber seals, and fender welt plus other misc. goodies from Vintage Imparts, a great place for quality, in-stock, parts. Other treatments include B-20 engine with a Weber Carb., Elec. overdrive, Virgo wheels and 1940 Ford taillights with 2006 LED turn signals just above the taillights. P.S. This car was used (prior to paint) in the filming of the movie “Zodiac” which should premier in 2007.


It's not stock...nothing is except the body. I'm running a B20E with Megasquirt programmable fuel injection. It's running Ford EDIS ignition, controlled by Megasquirt. It's got an M41 overdrive transmission. It's got a 940 radiator and a pusher fan from a mid-80's Nissan. I'm running an early IPD header with a 2 1/4" exhaust and a single Magnaflow muffler. Yes...they can hear me coming, and going...

It's got full SuperPro polyurethane suspension with IPD front and rear sway bars. The rear end is from a 240 series car and the front subframe has lowered upper A-Arm mounts to increase camber. The brakes are Wilwood as is the master cylinder. The front brakes are 11.75" Wilwood scalloped rotors with 6-piston Wilwood SL6-R calipers. The rears are 12.19" Wilwood rotors with 4-piston Wilwood Forged Billet Superlite calipers. The wheels are 17" ADR with 215/45/17 Hankook K106 tires. The interior, other than the dashboard and instruments is 240. The seats, front and back are from a GT. I'm running retractable 240 seatbelts with a 240 center console and center-pull parking brake.

The headlights are Cibie cat-eyes with 85/135 watt high-low beams with 8 gauge wiring and individual relays. I have no trouble seeing the road at night.

Needless to say, the car is an absolute blast to drive. It's got lots of pep and goes around corners like it's on rails. It attracts attention wherever it goes.

This red 122 is owned by Dale Walmsley of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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