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1966 Volvo 122

Robert Birch of Toronto ON 1966 Volvo 122 w/B20 during Targa Newfoundland 2005; co-driver/navigator: Desmond Lee - placed 3rd in class (Grand Touring unequipped) behind a 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse and a 2004 Acura RSX; both with factory sponsorship! The car lost a tire on the last leg of the first day and had to fight back from a 30 second deficit that day to move from 6th to 3rd on the last leg of day 5 in the rain with a smoking wiper motor which could only be used for 3 or 4 wipes and then turn it off for 5-10 seconds and then on again for 3 or 4 wipes, etc Run a little slower on the last day he could not see much with the little inconsistent wipers; luckily the Porsche 911 was going too fast for the conditions and kept spinning out; a real case of the Tortoise and the Hare.

1969 164

Al Larmon Vernon BC I purchased the 164 in the fall of 2005 and it was fully restored over two years. At that time the car had 79,000 miles (126,000 K) and the motor, front end, and entire driveline ran like new and required no major work. The car was originally purchased in Vancouver, BC in 1969, and it was the first year the 164 was sold in N America. I bought the car from a lady in Victoria, BC, and she told me that she and her sister took their driving lessons with this car, her mother's car.

1960 PV544
Keith Ogilbee's 1960 PV544 all factory original, in the family since new in 1960 have original owners manual and invoice. The car sold for $2,392.80 . Extra equipment included seat belts and side mounted rear view mirror.
1966 Volvo 544
Bob Grein, in Guelph ON beautifully restored 1956 PV 444 all original.
1957 PV 444
Nick in San Diego, CA. This is Nick’s 1957 PV 444, his everyday driver. It runs as good as it looks.

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